Guilty pleasures

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I’ve always had a few. I mean, who doesn’t? Some of mine I might bring up, if that’s where the conversation is going. But I do have one that I uh, would rather not disclose in great detail. Of course, there’s nothing to be ashamed of, but I can’t see myself talking about these things with anyone (ahaha yeah, big surprise there, Vee. You don’t talk, period).

Some of my more benign guilty pleasures include shoujo anime, well written rom-com J-dramas, and cutesy J-pop idol boys. Yes, I know there’s a pattern here. Japanese entertainment just appeals to me, for some reason. I haven’t watched much anime recently, but hey, Ouran and Brother’s Conflict weren’t that bad. (I have since stuck with shonen anime though…) There are also a number of decent rom-com J-dramas, but Japanese adaptations of K-dramas are quite good as well. As in, I probably wouldn’t never been even slightly interested in watching the Korean originals if it weren’t for these Japanese adaptations. I also threw cute J-pop idols into the mix, because that’s how I would (have) classified my first idol loves, Hey! Say! JUMP. It’s been almost 5 years since I first discovered them, and their image has matured a bit, but they are on the cutest side. And I never felt comfortable saying out loud how much I loved them. I guess I’ll throw in Naniwa Danshi from the Kansai Jr’s, because to me, they give off a similar vibe (and Micchi loves Yamada).

My more hush-hush guilty pleasure is pretty new. I also blame it on a few factors, including my lifelong singleness and my ability to understand as much casual spoken Japanese now as I do my first language (not English). It’s…. (was going to ask for a drum roll, but that would be too loud) 女性向けシチュエーションCDs! The um, naughtier variety. I am an adult, after all, and p**n and the like are unfortunately overwhelmingly geared towards males, so I’m glad I found something I like that works for me. One can only take so many chaste sweet nothings, after all. I’m also finding that I like pretending I have a boyfriend whispering in my ear in the dead of night. It’s not bad at all. And it makes me feel a bit less lonely. Only trouble is, there’s only so many free audio CDs I can obtain legally, and I’m currently saving up for a new, much more expensive than I’d anticipated, keyboard. (Financial woes will probably be a topic for another day.) I’ve uncovered some older CDs, but as with other Japanese media, finding anything online is quite the treasure hunt.

I think that’s all the confessions I have to make for now.

*runs to hide in my bed*