I have a lot to say to many people, but that doesn’t mean I actually do it. I’m always called the quiet one, both by people who know me and those who’ve just met me. They’re not wrong, I do get quite tongue tied sometimes.

I’ve already begun to ramble on, so I’ll just state the purpose of this blog. This will be an open letter of sorts, from me to the people in my life whom I actually care very much about. I could just say (or message) these things to them, but I’ve kept people out of my private, personal life for so long that I’ve forgotten how to open up. Why this happened, I might discuss separately.

Lastly, my blog title translates to “in the middle of the crossroads” because that’s where I feel like I am at this point in life.

Whether or not my intended audience reads any of this, I’m going to use this as a place to express my thoughts and hopefully become less lost.


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