Winter 2021 J-dramas

This season, I only decided to pick up one drama to sub at first, but decided on a second one because I was afraid that it wouldn’t get subbed. No one seemed interested in subbing Gekikaradou and I wasn’t sure if any Johnny’s WEST fansub teams would, especially since the last drama starring two of WEST didn’t get subbed. But to be fair, that drama was aired in the time slot that doesn’t get Japanese captions (not that that has stopped me from subbing before). On a more positive note, Gekikaradou doesn’t have too many complicated words and it’s only 30 minutes, so it shouldn’t take too much out of me.

The first drama I (or my Patreon patrons, rather) picked was Kakenai!?, starring Ikuta Toma. Kikuchi Fuma’s in it too, but that’s a coincidence, he’s not even my ichiban in Sexy Zone? Apparently, someone else was considering subbing Kakenai!? too, so I felt a bit anxious about stepping on their toes, even though I made the announcement first. Anyways, the first episode comes out this weekend and it’s an hour long for the first episode. Oh boy… But it’s just another 30 minute drama, so I should be fine.

I want to try timing myself to see how long it takes me to finish subbing a 30 minute episode, from the first watch through all the way through till QC. I’m not including downloading, encoding, and uploading times because those don’t require much skill. It’ll only be a rough estimate, but so long as I stay off YouTube I should get a good idea of how much time I really need per episode.

One last thing about this season. There are also a ton of dramas I want to watch that thankfully will be subbed. But I am still working on Mitazono S4 as my time filler project and boy is it dialogue heavy, even for a 45 minute drama. And to top it off, the Japanese captions for episode 7 seem to be missing, so that one will take me 10 times longer to time and translate. But since it’s not a currently airing drama, I think I can take my time with it.

That’s all about my J-dramas subbing adventures for now! Stay safe and have a good day!


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