On softsubs

I only claim ownership of the drama subtitles I translate and make typographical decisions for. I know that I can offer them openly and freely, but as of right now, I don’t. It’s partially to prevent credit removal should a streaming site decide to re-upload them, and partially to get a little spare change. I do not make a profit at all, as I’m spending money to host my own site and ask for very little from each patron I have on Patreon ($1 a month).

That being said, I plan on making all of my softsubs free to download should I get a job that pays regularly. I would still leave up my Ko-fi account, but my Patreon would be reduced to people who’d like to support me that way monthly.

I know there are some people who very much condone fansubbers who put things behind paywalls, but we all have our own reasons and I bet most of us are actually losing money (accounting for web hosting, electricity, internet, computers, etc). And honestly, the average viewer wouldn’t have a clue about softsubs in the first place.

Okay, I admit I’m just trying to justify having a Patreon with promised benefits. But it’s completely optional, as my hardsubs are free and can be streamed. I’m also perfectly willing to let fansubbers of other languages use my English ones for free. I just have to put that message out somewhere?

Disorganized rant over, good night!


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