I’ve gotten myself a couple macropads this year and I love them. The one on the left is the Ungodly Design x 1upkeyboards Launch Pad in Ice, and the one on the left is a Nullbits Scramble with a clear stacked acrylic case I found on Etsy.

They were really fun to build, and I love peeling the paper from each layer of acrylic, it’s so satisfying. Building up each case layer by layer really gives it more of a DIY feel. Needless to say, I’ve completely fallen in love with stacked acrylic. So much so that I have a different case for the Scramble on the way, to truly match the SixTONES theme I had in mind for it.

These guys are also pretty useful. I have the keys programmed to key combos and shortcuts so I never have to use more than one finger to, say, quickly save my work (even though things like Word have autosave, which I don’t trust entirely lol).

Did I mention they’re also really satisfying to press? They freaking are! I’m still looking for the right switches to swap out the current ones on my Launch Pad, because they’re mostly from swtich testers right now, and I don’t particularly like clickys and linears. I’m also going to get new keycaps for it too, but I haven’t exactly decided on the colour yet, and I might make it Tokyo Revengers themed. How exactly, I don’t know yet.

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