State of my translations 2023


2023 has been rough for me. Between grief, school, and my deteriorating mental health, I have been in no condition to translate any J-dramas. As far as hobbies and interests go, translating isn’t one of the more relaxing ones for me. Instead, I have been crocheting, listening to audiobooks, and cleaning out my fountain pens to relax. You know what, I might make a dedicated post for my pen collection at a later date. When I’m not taking a break, I’ve been working on a multitude of class projects and presentations (they seem endless). I do really want to start translating dramas again, but I might drop Tsukanoma no Ichika in favour of more less known J-dramas that for some reason still have not been subbed in English. I also really need to start job hunting again, regardless of my mental health and because of it (I know, I’m a mess).

So that’s where I’ve been. I’m actually no good at communicating about myself, so this is all I can offer.

Until next time!

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